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10th Nov2011

Community Gardens in St Vital

by admin

How much of St Vital is dedicated to community garden space?  According to the City of Winnipeg, there are 26,309 square metres of community garden land.  This figure includes four community gardens and three allotment gardens – but does not include several gardens that fall outside this category (some of the one’s I have featured on this site for example – such as the St Vital Knights Villa garden and the Peaceful Village Garden).  The St Amant garden, operated by the South Winnipeg Garden Club is the biggest at over 13,000 square metres.  Conversely, the allotment garden at Ashbury Estates is the smallest, at 148 sq metres.

While the City doesn’t keep track of waiting lists for four of the community gardens, it does for the allotment gardens – where the number of people on waiting lists outnumbers the number of people who actually have plots.  At Avalon Gardens, for example, 34 people are on the waiting list while 24 have plots.

The largest garden, as I mentioned is operated by the South Winnipeg Garden plots.  They have 110 plots and 80 gardeners – although some of these gardeners have multiple plots.  There was once a time when community gardening was less popular so some gardeners were given more plots.  Now there is a waiting list of 20 gardeners, and gardeners are limited to one plot – although those with multiple plots have been allowed to keep the ones that they have.  Fascinatingly, this garden has existed since 1922 which must make it one of the oldest, if not the oldest, in the city.


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