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Food Businesses in St Vital

There is a lot of food-related business happening in St Vital.  According to our count, there are 167 of them!  That makes food one of the major employers in St Vital and a vital part of the economy.

The following is a list of food-related businesses in St Vital derived from a variety of sources.  If we have missed anything, please let us know.  Or if you know that a business has closed, please let us know that too.

You can also look through this map to get a visual representation of where restaurants, grocery stores, ethnic and specialty stores, and greenhouses are in St Vital.

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Food Matters Manitoba does not endorse the businesses in this inventory, but has included them for the purposes of this food assessment.

Extra Foods (740 St Anne’s)
Family Foods (1099 St Mary’s)
Real Canadian Superstore (215 St Anne’s)
St Vital Market (1633 St Mary’s)
Sobeys (1939 Bishop Grandin)
Sobeys (1500 Dakota)
Safeway (2 Alpine)
Safeway (850 Dakota)
Wal Mart (St Vital Shopping Centre)

Restaurants and Caterers
A&W (St Vital Shopping Centre)
A&W (1078 St Mary’s)
Bellamy’s Restaurant and Neighbourhood Bar (1-845 Dakota)
Big Guy’s Ranch and Saloon (200 Meadowood)
Bobbie’s Home Cooking Restaurant (745 St Mary’s)
Booster Juice (1225 St Mary’s)
Boston Pizza (1919 Bishop Grandin)
Bubble Bistro (1504 St Mary’s)
Burger King (1496 St Mary’s)
Cafe Savour (956 St Mary’s)
Chianti’s (680 St Anne’s)
Chicken Delight (280 St Anne’s)
CJL Specialty Catering (996 St Mary’s)
Cultures (1225 St Mary’s)
Dad’s Family Restaurant (145 St Anne’s)
Dal’s Restaurant and Lounge (1070 St Mary’s)
Diana’s Gourmet Pizzeria (730 St Anne’s)
Domino’s Pizza (160 St Anne’s)
Domino’s Pizza (166 Meadowood)
Double D’s Cheesecake and Coffee House (200 Meadowood)
Earls Restaurant (1215 St Mary’s)
Extreme Pita (1510 St Mary’s)
Flying Pizza (300 St Anne’s)
Fyxx Espresso Bar (835 Dakota)
George’s Burgers and Subs (1141 St Mary’s)
Gondola Pizza (12 Britannica)
Gondola Pizza (553 St Mary’s)
Goodies Bake Shop and Gelati (140 Meadowood)
Harvest Bakery and Deli (180 St Anne’s)
Jimmy the Greek (1225 St Mary’s)
Joey’s Only (166 Meadowood)
Jolly Mug Restaurant (1077 St Mary’s)
Junior’s Restaurant (785 St Mary’s)
Kam Ho Chinese Restaurant (757 St Mary’s)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (1100 St Mary’s)
Kim Sang Restaurant (1127 St Mary’s)
Koya Japan (St Vital Shopping Centre)
La Fiesta Cafecito and Restaurant (730 St Anne’s)
Lao Thai Restaurant (79 St Anne’s)
Limelight Tavern (531 St Mary’s)
Little Caesar’s Pizza (845 Dakota)
Loona Rosa Pizza (460 St Mary’s)
LuLu’s Restaurant (956 St Mary’s)
Marigold Restaurant (487 St Mary’s)
Maxime’s Restaurant and Lounge (1131 St Mary’s)
McDonald’s (144 St Anne’s)
McDonald’s (1225 St Mary’s)
McDonald’s (1501 St Mary’s)
Miriwa Restaurant (1572 St Mary’s)
Mmmarvelous Mmmuffins (1225 St Mary’s)
Montana’s Cookhouse Saloon (1221 St Mary’s)
Moxie’s Classic Grill (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Mrs Vanelli’s Italian (1225 St Mary’s)
New China Kitchen Restaurant (446 St Anne’s)
New York Fries (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Niakwa Pizza (3140 St Mary’s)
Panago Pizza (1504 St Mary’s)
Papa Pallone’s Panini and Pasticceria (302 St Anne’s)
Pizza Hotline (475 St Anne’s)
Pizza Hut (160 Meadowood)
Pony Corral (444 St Mary’s)
Presto Pizza (147 St Anne’s)
Quality Pizza (620 Dakota)
Quiznos Subs and Salads (200 Meadowood)
Riverside Inn (531 St Mary’s)
Robin’s Donuts (1639 St Mary’s)
Salisbury House (255 St Anne’s)
Second Cup (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Shangri-La Restaurant (483 St Anne’s)
Siam Authentic Thai Cuisine (587 St Anne’s)
Simon’s Cuisine (513 St Mary’s)
Smitty’s Family Restaurant and Lounge (150 Meadowood)
Sorrento’s (840 St Mary’s)
Starbucks (84A-1225 St Mary’s)
Starbucks (85-1225 St Mary’s)
Starbucks (726 St Anne’s)
Subway Sandwiches and Salads (172 St Anne’s)
Subway Sandwiches and Salads (680 St Anne’s)
Subway Sandwiches and Salads (1086 St Mary’s)
Subway Sandwiches and Salads (1504 St Mary’s)
Subway Sandwiches and Salads (1999 Bishop Grandin)
Subway Sandwiches and Salads (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Sushi Gozen (1225 St Mary’s)
Sushi King (1631 St Mary’s)
Sushi N Ltd (726 St Anne’s)
Taco Bell (1100 St Mary’s)
Taco Time (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Tang Dynasty (730 St Anne’s)
Thai Express (1225 St Mary’s)
The Crusty Bun (1026 St Mary’s)
The Original Royal Pizza (300 St Anne’s)
Tim Horton’s (831 Dakota)
Tim Horton’s (1225 St Mary’s)
Tim Horton’s (835 St Mary’s)
Tim Horton’s (2147 St Mary’s)
VanGoes Pizza and Chicken (741 St Mary’s)
Victoria Seafood Restaurant (1086 St Mary’s)
Water Lily East Indian Restaurant (166 Meadowood)
Wok Box (1070 St Mary’s)
Yummease Gourmet Dinner Service (845 Dakota)

Specialty and Ethnic Foods
Alba Specialty Foods (166 Meadowood)
Belle Cake and Candy (1604 St Mary’s)
Bharat Grocery (280 St Anne’s)
Bulk Barn (T-730 St Anne’s)
Gimli Fish Market (1604 St Mary’s)
Hoffman’s Fine Foods (1504 St Mary’s)
Kernels Popcorn (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Laura Secord (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Local Meat and Frozen Treats (1604 St Mary’s)
M&M Meats (730 St Anne’s)
Marcello Meats (200 Meadowood)
Miller’s Super Valu Meats (590 St Mary’s)
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Sumka Brothers Fruit and Vegetable Market (Sth Perimeter & St Anne’s)

Greenhouses and Gardening
Arbo Flora Flower Shop and Garden Centre (650 St Anne’s)
Bill’s Greenhouses (3091 St Mary’s)
Jardins St Leon Gardens (419 St Mary’s)
Lacoste Garden Centre (2787 St Mary’s)
Paul’s Greenhouses (431 St Mary’s)
Paul’s Greenhouses (10 Forbes)
Riverside Greenhouses (1934 St Mary’s)
Ron Paul Greenhouses and Garden Centre (2641 St Mary’s)
Sage Garden Herbs (3410 St Mary’s)
St Mary’s Nursery and Garden Centre (2901 St Mary’s)
Sumka Brothers Greenhouse (36 Sumka)

Health Foods
A&A Natural Food Supplement (187 Worthington)
Aviva Natural Health Solutions (166 Meadowood)
Borowski’s Health Foods (437 St Anne’s)
Centre for Alternative Healing (1510 St Mary’s)
General Nutrition Centres Company (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Lorenzo’s Specialty Foods (1060 St Mary’s)
Sangster’s Health Centre (1633 St Mary’s)
Sunrise Health Foods (St Vital Shopping Centre)
The Herbal Market (290 St Anne’s)
Vita Health (845 Dakota)

Food Products
Giguere Honey Farms
Mom’s Pantry Products (3241 St Mary’s)

Convenience Stores
7-Eleven (1622 St Mary’s)
7-Eleven (438 St Anne’s)
7-Eleven (1124 St Mary’s)
7-Eleven (734 St Mary’s)
Mac’s (2 Britannica)
Mac’s (680 St Anne’s)
Mojo Market (280 St Anne’s)

Agricultural Services and Products
Canadian Agri Technologies (47 Halparin)
Agwerks (125 Aimes)
Agri-Feed Products (51 St Anne’s)

Food Brokers
Dakota Trading Corporation (740 Warde)
Gamcar International Trade (97 Woodlawn)

Ice Cream
Dairy Delight (467 St Anne’s)
Dairy Queen (152 St Anne’s)
Dairy Queen (920 St Mary’s)
Dairy Queen (St Vital Shopping Centre)
Lick’s Ice Cream Patio (20 Britannica)
Marble Slab Creamery (851 Dakota)

Liquor – Retail and DIY Supplies
Banville and Jones Wine Co. (1616 St Mary’s)
Brewers Direct (1113 St Mary’s)
Grape and Grain (978 St Mary’s)
MLCC Liquor Mart (827 Dakota)
MLCC Liquor Mart (730 St Anne’s)

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