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Access to Grocery Stores and Fast Food

The first map on the right displays the distance from the midpoint of dissemination areas in St Vital to the nearest grocery store.  This is useful for finding the average distance of St Vital residents from a full service grocery store.  The darkest red indicates a dissemination area within 450 metres of a grocery store.  The second darkest red are dissemination areas within 1 km of a grocery store.  Note that some dissemination areas may look like they are close to a grocery store, but at times there midpoint can be far away.  The distance used is the distance via road.


By comparison, the map on the left indicates the distance between dissemination area midpoints and fast food restaurants.  The same scale has been used – and you can see that the map is a whole lot darker, especially in north St Vital.  This is because these neighbourhoods tend to be far closer to fast food restaurants than to grocery stores.

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