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Household income

Median household income varies widely within St Vital from a high of $124,105 (in Victoria Crescent) to $26,448 (Alpine Place).  Similar to several other indicators, greater economic prosperity exists along the Red River than along on the Seine River to the east.  All of the neighbourhoods in St Vital below Winnipeg’s median household income of $49,790 are in northeastern St Vital.  Meanwhile, St Vital South has several neighbourhoods with fairly similar middle-class incomes.

The highest median household incomes in St Vital are in: Victoria Crescent ($124,105), Normand Park ($111,898), and Kingston Crescent ($90,375).

The lowest median household incomes are in: Alpine Place ($26,448), Lavallee ($32,437), and Worthington ($33,071).

Please note: darker blue indicates higher incomes.

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